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Looking for a great place to eat when visiting? Look no further.

All the fun we provide at Jumbo Fun & Play is thirsty (and hungry!) work. Come and enjoy our onsite soft play restaurant, catering for kids and adults alike! If your tiny tot has a big appetite, our terrific cafe has you covered. We offer a whole range of delicious food and Meal Deals for all ages, so whatever you fancy- we have you covered. We keep our menu varied and exciting, whether you are looking for a quick energy booster or a substantial meal for the family, our popular cafe provides it all (and fear not, we serve delicious Lavazza coffee- you deserve it

What family friendly menu with a great range do we offer at our soft play restaurant?

We know how important it is for your little ones to get adequate nutrition, and enjoy every moment of their time at Newcastle’s favorite soft play center. We offer a wide selection of meal deals, ranging from Sandwich Meals, Pizzas (a firm favorite!), or our signature Jumbo Meal Deals, ranging from nuggets to smiley faces with a variety of yummy vegetables and a drink. If your little one is a bit too little, we have a special Toddler Meal that’s perfect for a tiny tummy!

Coffee, refreshments and meals are on offer for our adult guests too!

The Jumbo Fun & Play cafe is just as much for adults too! We provide refreshing, hot drinks and a fantastic range of food options to keep up your energy and treat yourself throughout the day! We serve delectable breakfasts, toasties, burgers, paninis, and hearty jacket potatoes, along with some great light bites to snack with. You are guaranteed to find something you want, right where you can keep watch of your little ones. Whether you are veggie, pescatarian or just want a quick refreshment- we have something for you.

Our cafe menu for kids and adults alike has all you need on your day out or party!

Fun, play, and some great food, you’ll find it all at Stokes’ best children’s play center. The Jumbo Fun & Play Cafe will keep your kids entertained while you can enjoy some well-earned food and coffee. We strive to make it a space for you and the kids to enjoy a great family day out, right here in Newcastle! Come to play and enjoy our delicious menu, the fun continues right into mealtime!